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Trading currencies in the FOREX (foreign exchange) market carries a high level of risk, thus it is not for everyone. Additionally, a person's ability to trade any trading system, including any of the methods provided on this page, may be influenced by emotional factors.

By purchasing a robot from this website, you acknowledge that you will use it at your own risk and will not have any recourse against the seller or any of the seller's affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, or partners. You are aware that using any of the systems provided here is done at your own risk.

Please take note that Gold Harvest’s 14-day trial is a one-time offer to every new customer. Each customer is only eligible to purchase a trial license once. Subsequent purchases will not be issued a License ID, and they will not be eligible for a refund.


People can and frequently do lose money when trading currencies on the FOREX market. Because markets can change, past performance of any system or approach is neither a guarantee of future performance nor an indicator of it.

No assurance that a system or method will continue to function similarly in the future is or can be made. You should first speak with your own financial advisor if you are unsure about employing any methodology or method presented here for currency trading.

Results from hypothetical or simulated performance have some inherent restrictions. Simulated results do not accurately reflect actual trading, in contrast to an actual performance record. The results may also have under- or over-compensated for the effect, if any, of specific market variables, such as a lack of liquidity, as the trades have not yet been actually performed.

Please be aware that customers who submitted a claim or a chargeback/dispute request are not entitled to a refund. The following circumstances will not result in refunds or account credits being issued:

  • 1. The Gold Harvest Software cannot be activated before your membership or license expires.
  • 2. After purchasing, you're not happy with our system.
  • 3. Your decision to use our product and service has been modified.
  • 4. You made a mistake when you bought our goods or services.
  • 5. You lack the knowledge necessary to operate our system.
  • 6. You want a refund after investing in numerous licenses for Gold Harvest's 14-day trial.


Our entire software suite runs only on MetaTrader 4. Numerous forex firms offer MetaTrader 4, a free trading platform, to their customers. You acknowledge that you either currently use MetaTrader 4 or will install it when you purchase our digital product. Although virtualization allows it to be installed on different operating systems like Mac OS and Linux, MetaTrader 4 is predominantly a Windows tool. MetaTrader 5 is not supported by us.

Mobile phones and tablets cannot be used to control robots. Our program requires a Windows-powered desktop, laptop, or virtual private server. You acknowledge having one of these by purchasing the software.